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PaddleOne en Afghanistan


Sept mois déployé en Afghanistan ou ailleurs, c'est long. Mais sept mois sans pagayer, c'est inacceptable! Heureusement, j'ai apporté avec moi le simulateur de Kayak PaddleOne. Que ce soit un entraînement technique ou simplement pour garder un niveau acceptable d'endurance, le PaddleOne est aussi important pour moi que mon casque de Kevlar et ma "frag vest".

Lieutenant-colonel Bruno Noury
Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

2012 MR340 Men's Solo Champion

DSC 0577

"...This is to say that by training on the ERG it has proven itself as a super
tool to train with. This year I competed in 7 races and my boat has come in
first place, in class, all 7 races. I broke the South Dakota Kayak challenge
record by 1hr and 16 min. I also came in first in solo at the MR340 which
only proves the effect of training on the ERG in the winter months. By
training this way I can come into racing season injury free and of sound

Joe Zellner
2012 MR340 Men's Solo Champion

Excellente expérience


J'ai pagayé plus de 50 heures pour me préparer à ma saison de compétition. Mon expérience avec PaddleOne est excellente, l'appareil fonctionne parfaitement. Il est léger et ne prend pas beaucoup de place. J'aime vraiment l'utiliser!

Kari Kuhmonen
Coureur en Kayak Multisport, Finlande


PaddleOne et Forge Racing - Une combinaison parfaite!


 At the Forge (the gym in my basement in Rochester, NY) we use both a paddling machine and a kayak machine by PaddleOne in our workouts all winter long.  Several days a week, we have a one hour cardio/medley workout which consists of 5-10 minute bursts on various pieces of equipment. including both PaddleOne machines, a Concept2 Rower, a Schwinn Airdyne, jump rope, speed bag, sliding board, etc.  In Forge Racing, members range in height from 5’3” to 6’4”, the easy change foot brace on the PaddleOne Machines makes it a snap to go from one exercise to another.

As a technique trainer, the PaddleOne is unsurpassed.  By placing it in front of a mirror, you have immediate feedback about such stroke essentials as posture, torso use, hand and arm alignment, etc.  Being indoors eliminates the variables of wind, water, tippiness and boat movement so you can concentrate on proper technique.  We have owned several PaddleOne Machines in the past, and these new machines by Mario Blackburn are the best, smooth, easy to adjust, and a joy to use.  The large rollers that the Kevlar ropes glide through allow for a smoother stroke and longer rope life.

If you really want to perfect your stroke for next season, get a PaddleOne now, get in front of a mirror and get some good videos of stoked you want to emulate and get going!

Marc Gillespie and Holly Reynolds, US National Champions
Forge Racing, Rochester NY

Inna Osypenko-Radomskaya


I tested PaddleOne kayak training machine in March 2008. The main advantage of it , is the compactness.  It is possible to take the training machine and use during the training camps and the competitions. I used PaddleOne kayak training machine for warm-up before the race at Europe Championship 2008 in Milan, Italy. This training machine is good as for starter paddlers as for professional paddlers.

Inna Osypenko-Radomskaya, Ukraine
2008 K-1 Olympic gold medalist 500m